Club 22!

18th June.

Oh yeah~

And again, this year is a great year!
I had a few celebrations with my boyfriend (Collin), colleague, and currently still waiting for my university friend.

For this year, my boyfriend flew all the way from Jakarta to Batam. During his day of arrival, I was still baking Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcake and I didn’t expect that he would fly to Batam. After receiving his text I had to do a quick shower and make-up! Thank God I made it in time J We had our dinner at Swiss-Inn Hotel Harbor Bay. The food was good, great ambience, a well spent Saturday night.

Me and Collin
The Birthday Girl!

He gave me a small bouquet of flowers, Craftholic Rab doll and two small Yankee Candle, it was surprise after surprise. The last surprise that I got from him was a box of flower. I thought that the celebration was over, but I didn’t expect to receive a key and a box … full of flowers on my work place!

IMG_20150613_211440 IMG_20150618_130414

It’s been quite a long time that there is no birthday celebration in my work place. Hence, I asked one of a friend of mine, Edy to buy me birthday cake as a celebration, just to make my work place a little lively! I personally love it when people buy me cake (or even dessert).

From Left to Right: David, Dendi, Erwin, Herik, Me, Bu Sherley, and Rudi (my Boss)

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