As a young adult now, I should learn to change myself to become better person and be lovable 😉 !

I do know certain areas where I need to change. We can always start to slowly remind ourselves.

Start from the smallest things first! Here is the few things that I want to change in me.

  • BE THANKFUL AND STAY HUMBLE! For all of the things that I have in my life is more than enough. I somehow still feel that I have nothing and tend to compare with someone who have more than I do. My mom used to tell me that if I always compare myself with someone who have more, I will have endless unhappiness, envy, jealousy, and lots of negative impact. It’s true that I don’t come from a rich family, but I must always be thankful with what I have now, because there are still many people who won’t have such a life like I do. Don’t forget to stay humble!!!
  • BE RESPECTFUL! As much as I love my parents, but there are still certain times (not every time) where I just tend to give them “you-annoyed-me” face, and either talk back or not to response. So the next time my parents communicate with me I will try to remind myself.
  • A POSITIVE MIND! I tend to have a negative mind.
  • PRAY! Let’s start by praying every day and when having meal. I just feel that if I can’t even do the simple things as in pray, how can I even read and do Bible study.

I can’t say that every part of me is perfect. Those list are what I truly want to change in me.


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