Chinese New Year – 2016


(see the end of this post for meaning)

During Chinese New Year each of us will say a 4 chinese words saying to every people that we visit. It is something similar to Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This year Chinese New Year is on the 8th of February. Chinese New Year is a Chinese festival where we start our new year. We then visit our relatives and close friend’s house, eat cakes, cookies, and drinks.

Mom would always challenge me and my siblings to say a new 4 chinese words saying each year before she give us angbao. My brothers and I used to be so excited on every Chinese New Year, because we received angbao (red packets) from every people that we visit. But as we grew older, Chinese New Year became a very tiring day because we would visit everyone for the whole day. Angbao is a monetary gifts and it’s is for luck to those who give and received.

I have a younger brother in Bandung and he can’t balik kampung (come back to Batam), so we did skyping.

Skyping with my younger brother, Pernando.

For this year Chinese New Year, I spent my first and second day visiting pastor’s and church friend’s house, since my relatives are overseas.


Here’s the meaning of my 4 chinse word saying!

新年快乐. 恭禧发财. 红包拿来.

Xin Nian Kuai Le. Gong Xi Fa Cai. Hong Bao Na Lai.

新年 (New Year) 快乐 (happiness/joy/rejoice).

恭禧 (congratulations/wishing with joy) 发财 (become rich/may luck or fotune fall on us)

红包 (red packets) 拿来 (give me/bring it to me)


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