With Jen.

Thank you for the self-love talk.
Good to have a friend like you. Love you b*tch.


The Channel X Procomm

The Channel X Procomm

We (Procomm) had our very first mission trip to Abigael El-Shadai Orphanage and SDN 007, in collaboration with The Channel.

We break into two teams and I was assigned to Abigael El-Shadai Orphanage. Upon arrival, we did a little praise, ice breaker, and had lunch. We also teach the children about personal hygiene education and held a mini tooth brush competition.

Abigael El-Shadai Orphanage
Tooth brushing competition.
Tooth brushing competition.
We prayed for the children before going back.
Before heading back.

I would like to give a special thanks to the committee for making this trip a remarkable one. Teeheeeee.
You can see more pictures by clicking this link!


Happy birthday Vivi!
File 10-7-16, 8 44 32 AM.jpeg
Happy birthday Wina and Lydia!

Ever since all of us were tied up with our thesis, we rarely hangout.
I’m glad that we are able to catch up with one and another once again when celebrating Lydia, Wina, and Vivi birthday.
Looking forward for more meetup and may this little friendship last.


Hello October!

Hello October.jpg

September have been great! Congratulation to Rainner, Richard, and Vivian on your Baptism. May God’s grace and blessings that you receive on your Baptism, guide you throughout your life.

Welcoming October with a big smile. Another 3 more months we will be reaching end of year. Time does fly fast.

Dear heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Sprit …
I couldn’t thank You more for all things that You have given to me. A great family, a comfortable place where I call home, and an awesome community.
I am trying my very best to get back on track 🙂

Accelerate 2016


Couldn’t be more happier with my decision to join church camp!

The event itself was held on 11th September – 13th September, at Harris Resort Hotel Batam, costing @ Rp850.000 for 3D2N.

Although there were some people who said that it’s a little pricey, I personally find it worth it mainly because of the speaker, Pak Boyke Gozali (Indonesian conglomerate) and Pak Jarot Wijanarko (author and owner of PT. Happy Holy Kids)

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After Exam

Thank God I finished my exam. I do hope that I can pass all my module, then there’s no such need for me to retake my module.

After the exam, me and friends went out together. We had pre-dinner and and karaoke. It was a well spent weekend!

Pre-dinner at Kangen Cafe, BCS
Karaoke at Alegro, Nogoya Citywalk

I don’t think I can often see my uni-friends anymore. During 7th Semester, most of us will be very busy with finishing our thesis and we rarely have class. I’ll definitely miss you all.