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3 Questions


I was thought by a friend to always ask yourself 3 question before going into a relationship.

  1. Is he a believer?
  2. Does my family or friends approve or accept him?
  3. Can he change me into someone better?

Hoping that this question can help with whoever that’s reading this post.


Birthday Bomb

Had quite a few birthday celebration on August.

Happy birthday Rainner, Willivent, Andre, Akhang, and Along.
Wishing all of you nothing but the best. May God bless you all abundantly and I pray that you all will be successful and be closer to God.

To Along, we notice you changed your hairstyle. Were you waiting for us? Wkkk.

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June: Month of Jubilation


Woah, lots of joyous moment happens in June! There were numerous birthday celebration and wedding invitation. I can hardly count… but somehow I manage to summarized it.

*Ce Leni’s Birthday – 2nd June*


It was an impromptu and belated birthday surprise though. But… It’s the thought that counts. Happy birthday Ce Leni! May God bless you abundantly. Looking forward to receive your wedding invitation soon. Teehee!

Me, Ce Leni

*Awan’s Birthday – 4th June*
I believe it’s in the 4th of June. I’m not that sure. Thank you Frengky for inviting me. Anyway, I don’t really have a proper picture during Awan’s birthday, sorry!
Happy birthday yah Awan! May your career blossom into a highly successful one.

*Dino’s Birthday – 14th June*

Procomm 6
Wefie with Procomm 6.
Thank you Wenny for inviting me to celebrate Dino’s birthday. Although things didn’t turn out as expected, but all of us still had fun.
Clockwise: Amat (guy with specs), Vivian, Wilson, Wenny

Happy birthday Dino! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be joining any cell group or a church community, thank you. I wish you the best riches with God. Teehee.

Another wefie…


*Rischa’s Birthday – 18th June*

Birthday girl, Rischa.

Thank you Andre for inviting me! Guess what, I have the same date of birth as Rischa.
Happy birthday Rischa! I pray that you will serve God wholeheartedly. Keep up the good work!

Procomm 8.


*My Birthday – 18th June*

Clockwise: Henry (guy with brown tee and specs), Rainner, Akhang, awan, Willi, Paulus, Andri, Meiling, Andre, Rischa, Kristian, and I. Excuse my hideous face. Ehm.

Thank you my dearest Kristian and Yeni for the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette and also the souvenir you guys bought from London. I LOVE IT!


Present from Kristian and Yeni.

I also earnestly thank my cell group, Procomm 8, for giving me a surprise. It was unexpected since most of you like to bluff (Andre, Rainner, Willi).

Procomm 8
Rischa and I.
Blowing candles with Kris. I insisted on blowing together since she was in London during her birthday.

To #KITA2AJHA, sorry that I can’t join the birthday surprise that you made for me and Wime. I just want to have a quality time with family. But thank you anyway.



*Yuni’s Birthday – 27th June*

Procomm 7.

I wasn’t invited for the surprise though, only had dinner with Yuni’s cell group and they suddenly walk towards Yuni with a cake. It was a surprise to me too. Hahaha.

Birthday girl, Yuni.

Happy birthday Yuni! Have a little faith and confidence! I think that when we put a smile on our face, we can look beautiful too!

*Debby’s Wedding – 29th May*

Wedding Prayer and Blessings.
Everyone is looking gorgeous.

Wishing you happiness and love like the unending circle of your wedding ring. Congratulation to a wonderful couple, Irvan and Debby!


They are trying to look cool.


My makeup for Debby’s wedding.

*Ce Oline’s Wedding – 19th June*

Vivian and Ce Oline.


Bridesmaid and groomsmen.
Gorgeous bridesmaid.

Ce Oline, be a virtuous woman stated in Proverbs 31. Two are better than one, cheers Ko Steven and Ce Oline!


Pretty looking bridesmaid.
Daniel and I.
Awan and I. Excuse my weird and unnatural pose.
Fery and I. Excuse my weird looking face and pose.
Akhang and I.

Excuse my weird and unnatural pose.

Cute poses is not my thing.
My makeup for Ce Oline’s wedding.


*Ce Esther’s Wedding – 21st June*

Bridesmaid and groomsmen.
Wenny and I.
Rischa and I.
Impromptu to sing on stage.

Ce Esther, may you live happily ever after! Congratulation Ko Wawan and Ce Esther.

To fully know someone will take years. Hence, never ever rush into physical and emotional intimacy, using L-word on someone. I think it’s much nicer to build bonds and keep the friendship close at first. I won’t be like my old self. Aggressive. Rushing on L-word.

This time I’ll have fun and pray! I’ll trust God!

Dear God.

has to seek her

This post is inspired from a web that I came across a year ago.
The original prayer is from Ann (click here).
Her prayer is all I ever wanted, but I’ve added a few of my prayer (red text).
Sooooooo … Here it is, teehee!

Dear God,

I want a Christian home. I want to raise a Christian family. One that goes to church on Sundays, is involved with the church, and prays together at night. I want a husband. I want a spiritual leader.
Lord, will this ever be true to me?

I want that man who prays for me, and I pray for him. I want a man that prays with me. I want a man that takes everyone to church on Sundays. Who’s involved with the kids at church. Who smiles because he’s drunk in love with YOU! Who relies on You.
Lord, will this ever be true to me?

I want a man who is unconditional in his ways (love, gifts, kindness, helping hand). Who doesn’t expect things in return – EVER. Who accepts the world as it is and doesn’t let it affect his walk with You. I want a man who wants to change the world.
Lord, will this ever be true for me?

I want a man that knows You, fears You and can bring me closer to You, oh Lord! A man who is so great and serve YouI want a man that will accept Your blessings even the small ones. I want a man that is positive and understanding. A man that makes me push to be a better person. A man excited about life and looks forward to life after death. A man that has a spot in heaven and will help me in my spiritual journey. Because that’s what life is … a journey of grace. God’s grace.
Lord, will this ever be true for me?

And while I’m asking. Can I have a man who is a gentleman and humble? Can I have a man that is mature enough? A man who has goals in life and who knows how to manage his money? Can I have man who will work hard in a smart way (not workaholic!) and will not forget about family time and also You? Can I have man who will helped me achieve my dream for taking my family to the Holy Land Israel and also travel the world? Can my man have an attractive smile and  be slightly taller or taller than me? Can he be a man who loves his family as much as I loved mine?

Lord, would you answer my prayers for a husband? Would you bring me this man?
I will wait as long as it takes.